How do we do it and why do you receive a profit distribution?

  1. We finance the cultivation of Macadamia trees in Burundi under the supervision and guidance of Isabu (Institut des Sciences Agronomiques du Burundi)
  2. The trees are grown and we buy the trees in 2 batches of 1000 pieces when they are 2 years old. They are then planted and further cared for. The planting per tree is registered in batches of 1000 trees. The proceeds will therefore be converted per batch to an average per tree . We have on
    currently room for approximately 60,000 trees (75 ha).
  3. To finance the cultivation and maintenance of the trees, we sell the trees when they are two years old to interested parties as a product that contributes to CO2 storage and as an employment project in Burundi. Your registered trees will receive a number for this: batch no. 1000.
    In that batch the trees are planted in a row, if you then have number 1000-1026 / 1030 then the trees 26,27,28,29 and 30 are in your row.
  4. We buy the harvested macadamia nuts from the growers for a competitive price, the entire proceeds go to the growers.
  5. We continue to sell these nuts, partly as a snack, to supermarkets and delicatessen, and partly as a product for oil and pulp, for vegan products.
  6. The profit made with this is distributed to Veganuts and the owners of the trees, because after all it is your tree. We hope that this will encourage you as the owner to buy more trees, but you can of course also have the profit credited to your bank account.
  7. Of the profit for Veganuts, land is then rented again, new 2-year-old trees planted, employment created, etc.
  8. Objectives are:
  • CO2 storage
  • employment
  • healthy business operations
  • involvement.

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