How do I know my tree has been planted?

When we have received your order, your data will be linked to a so-called batch. This batch consists of a thousand trees. Sometimes it can take a while before the batch is planted. That depends on the amount of orders and the plant capacity. We want to plant as many trees as possible at the same time. When the trees have been planted you will receive a message with an overview of the plantation with the location of the trees in the plantation. You will also receive the geological data from the plantation + a photo.

Can I give one or more trees as a gift?

Yes you can. A tree is of course a wonderful gift. You can indicate in the registration form what the name of the owner / owners should be. You can also change this afterwards by sending an email with the request for a change.

Can I trade my trees?

Yes that is allowed. The value of the trees is indicated in an annual overview. If you want to transfer your ownership, that’s no problem. This is also done via e-mail in the same way as when transferring a gift tree.

How often will I be informed?

You will receive an annual overview of the progress of the growth, harvest and income of the batch in which your tree is planted. The value of your tree is the average of the value of the thousand trees in the batch.

What happens if my tree dies?

If your tree dies, it will be replaced by a new one. Either at the same place in the batch or in a new batch. You will be notified of this, but because your tree is part of a thousand trees, that will only affect 0.1% of the value of your investment per tree.

When is it harvested?

The trees are planted when they are two years old. Depending on the circumstances, healthy macadamia trees start wearing nuts after 3 to 5 years. They produce around 30 to 50 pounds (14 to 23 kg) of nuts at the age of 9. This number gradually increases to as much as 80 kg as your tree ages from this time. Harvesting is done from fall to spring.

Is my investment an investment?

In principle you invest in a product that (depending on the number of trees) can save you a lot of money in the future for a period of up to 80 years or more. In that sense you can view your investment as an investment. You will therefore have to add your income from this to your income. Your income consists of a percentage that can rise from 10% to a maximum of 50% of the net profit of your trees after the nuts have been traded. The profit distribution is annually based on the result.

Are there risks to my investment?

Of course there are risks of losing your purchase. You determine the level of those risks. But due to the relatively low investment compared to future profit, the risks of losing a lot of money are quite low. Threats are mainly the chance of a poor harvest due to fire, diseases or dehydration of the plantations. The plantations are laid out in an area where the risks can be avoided as much as possible.

Why should I participate in this project?

In the first place, our objective is to plant as many trees as possible for the absorption of CO2. We consciously do this in an environment where we can also fight poverty, in this case in Burundi. The revenue model is necessary to be able to offer structural solutions for the coming decades. For you as an investor we offer the possibility to also share in the profits so that we can motivate you extra to cooperate with our objectives and to encourage you to buy more trees. In collaboration with other organizations, we want to plant 1 billion trees worldwide in the coming years.

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