What we do?

We are joining the global movement to plant 1 billion trees for CO2 storage. Central to this are countries such as Burundi and Congo . Burundi is in third place on the list of poorest countries with an income of just over € 800 per year per inhabitant. Burundi, however, has very fertile soil and sufficient water. This provides opportunities for our project.


A Macadamia tree delivers many nuts, from 12 kg as a young tree to as much as 80 kg as an adult tree per year. The tree can live to be 100 years old and produce around 7500 kg of nuts during its life. The global demand for Macadamia nuts is growing rapidly, countries like Burundi can take advantage of this.

For planting and maintaining the trees we work together with Buhadec, a Dutch farm based in Burundi. Thanks to this cooperation, we have access to agricultural machinery, storage space and staff. In addition, Buhadec’s knowledge of Burundi is essential to be able to follow the right (political) paths. With the right approach, a rich return can be achieved. And this directly benefits Burundi’s economy.

Your support

To finance the planting and realization of Macadamia plantations, we have to “sell” trees. With this money the projects can be financed.

With the purchase of a Gift tree (a gift voucher for a tree) you help this project. The tree that you finance is then registered in your name (or the recipient you selected).

A tree can be planted for every € 10. A small plantation can be created for 1000 trees sold.

A gift tree is really a gift, for you or for the person receiving the tree, for Burundi as a source of income and for the world as CO2 storage.

For you as the owner, you also share in the profit from the sale of the nuts from your own tree for the next 80 years, as thanks for your contribution.

More information about this you can read here .

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